Advantages of sugar paste:

  • Does not irritate or sensitize
  • Completely safe and effective at the same time
  • Definitely less painful than waxing
  • Removes even the most resistant hair and nap
  • It allows hair removal in accordance with the direction of their growth
  • It doesn’t break hair, it just pulls it out together with the onion
  • The effect lasts from 4 to 6 weeks
  • It doesn’t cause inflammation
  • Due to the sugar content it is a natural peeling agent
  • The temperature of the paste is the temperature of our body
  • Perfect for face and body depilation for men and women
  • There are no contraindications for such epilation
  • Recommended especially to pregnant women

Sugar removal effect: Silky smooth and radiant skin.

  • Upper lip
    Price: 35 zł
  • Chin
    Price: 30 zł
  • Sideburns
    Price: 35 zł
  • Cheeks
    Price: 50 zł
  • Face
    Price: 80 zł
  • Hands
    Price: 99 zł
  • Hands (1/2)
    Price: 59 zł
  • Armpits
    Price: 60 zł
  • Classic bikini (bikini line)
    Price: 99 zł
  • Brazilian bikini (deep partial) / Hollywood (whole)
    Price: 149 zł

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