Treatments for pregnant women and after pregnancy

For pregnant women

Package for Expectant Mums + -
  • individually selected comprehensive facial treatment,
  • collagen treatment around eyes - "collagen glasses",
  • SPA caring manicure with painting in any way,
  • SPA caring pedicure with customized painting,
  • 0.5-hour relaxing foot massage,
  • hand massage,
  • relaxation in the relaxation zone with delicious tea or coffee..

Price: 560 PLN
Duration: about 4 hours.

Vital-aromatherapy massage + -

The body wrapped in an aromatic glow that can deeply calm or renew vitality.
It's up to you which fruit oils will nurture your body.

After the vitality-aromatherapy massage you feel relaxed and full of vitality.

Price: 150 PLN Back massage
Duration: 30 minutes

Relaxing feet massage + -

Feet are very important transmitters of stimuli. About 72000 nerve bundles which connect important organs and body parts end up on the sole of the foot. Foot massage contributes to better functioning and strengthening of the feet. The whole body is stimulated and general well-being improves. We have a feeling of lightness and greater efficiency of the feet and whole legs.

Price: 90 PLN
Duration: 30 minutes

Face massage on a cream + -

Price: 99 PLN
Duration: 20 minutes

Facial massage with ampoule + -

Price: 109 PLN
Duration: 20 minutes

Maria Galland facial treatments + -

Go to the Maria Galland offer

Facial treatments Skeyndor + -
Manicure and pedicure + -
Body hair removal + -

For women after pregnancy

Package for Young Mums + -

For the package we invite Young Mums not earlier than 2 months after the birth of their child.

  • individually selected comprehensive facial treatment
  • collagen treatment for the eye area - "collagen beans".
  • firming or relaxing body treatment
  • Honey and milk manicure with customized painting.
  • Honey and milk pedicure with customized painting.
  • hand massage,
  • relaxation in the relaxation zone with delicious tea or coffee.

Price: 790 PLN
Duration: about 5 hours.

Slimming and body shaping + -