Valentine’s Day in Ambra Day Spa

We invite all lovers, friends, mothers and daughters to joint the treatments at our spa.
Special Valentine’s packages are valid from 14 to 16 February. During this period, besides great treatments, additional attractions and surprises await you.

Rose Valentine’s Day
– body massage with rose oil for two,
– rose bath for two.
Price for two people: 450 pln
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Extended version of the package:
– additionally a rose body peeling for two.
Price for two people: 590 pln

Chocolate Valentine’s Day
– body massage with chocolate oil
– relaxing foot massage
– relax with a cup of hot chocolate in the relaxation area.
Price for two: 450 pln
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours

Valentine’s Day for a single:
– Decleor body massage : Escape to Madagascar
– Decleor treatment for face, neck and decolletage: Harmonie Calm

Romantic massage for two on individually selected warm oil with a bouquet of roses
Price for two: 400 pln
Price for one person: 250 pln
Duration: 50 minutes

For each package you can order an aromatic bath for two with goat’s milk at a promotional price of  150 pln for two people.

After the treatments, we encourage you to relax in the relaxation area with a cup of delicious coffee or tea.


Relaxing body massage with royal bamboo
This massage helps revive millions of sensory receptors on the body through the use of original massage techniques and varied intensity of touch. It is particularly effective in the elimination of muscle fatigue.
169zł / instead of  200zł

Tonifying body massage with celestial spheres
An energetic massage performed by two types of heavenly balls, differing in size and color. Its main task is to stimulate the sources of vital energy. It strengthens the relaxed and flabby tendons of the muscles and restores deep relaxation and revives the body.
169zł / instead of  200zł

Slimming massage
Intense slimming and figure shaping massage. Perfectly sculpts the body and helps reduce cellulite.
169zł / instead of  190zł

January and February is the perfect time to fight discoloration and for chemical peels:

Melases TRX booster peel
Anti-discoloration treatment for sensitive, vascular skin.
face + neck: 249zł / instead of 290zł

face + neck + decollete: 259zł / instead of 320zł
hands: 149zł

Salicylic acid
The most effective anti-acne peeling.
face: 159zł / instead of 190zł

package of 4 treatments: 600zł

Ferulac Peel Booster
This is the latest generation of peeling with rejuvenating and brightening effect. Allows you to achieve improvement in skin condition in just a few days. The treatment uses ferulic acid, florentine and retinol 1%.
face: 259 zł/ instead of320 zł

hands: 199 zł/ instead of 250 zł

Ferulac Classic + Wit C
The treatment combines the beneficial effects of ferulic acid and highly concentrated vitamin C. It gives the effect of a smooth, radiant and brightened skin and supports the restoration of natural skin barrier thus ensuring the improvement of hydration and the overall condition of the skin.
face + neck + decollete: 259 zł / instead of 320zł