Arosha Lipofit – bandage for abdomen

It is responsible for reducing localized fat on the stomach and hips. Reactivates micro skin circulation, favoring the slimming effect. Improves the elasticity of skin tissues, preventing them from loosening and making them compact.

Price: 259 pln - single treatment

Price: 839 pln - 4 treatments

Price: 1199 pln - 6 treatments

Duration: 60 minutes

Arosha lifting up for bust and decolletage programme

The latest treatment set designed for the remodeling of the bust and the neckline. It improves the appearance of the bust, shapes its shape, enlarges – up to one size! Active concentrates will instantly fill, carve, and raise the bust. The series of treatments creates a lifting micro mesh – “invisible brassiere”, providing a quick push-up effect. This treatment effectively combats the symptoms of falling, loss of firmness and elasticity of the bust. It enlarges the breasts giving them a beautiful and round shape, as well as improves the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


Price: 200 zł

Price: 200 pln

Duration: 60 minutes

Arosha treatments (bandages) for body

The bandage treatment is designed to combat skin tension, overweight, stretch marks, cellulite, “orange peel”.

Bandages used for the treatment:

  • Aqua drain – bandages that help to remove stagnant fluids and toxins from the body, they fight against the symptoms of cellulite. They support lymphatic drainage.
    Active Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Lactic Acid.
  • Slim Cel – bandages soaked with active ingredients that eliminate accumulated water and remineralizes the skin. They dissolve fatty deposits, reducing the perimeter of the treated area. Slim Cel helps fight cellulite. Active ingredients: caffeine, escin, guarana extract.
  • Lipho Cel – bandages soaked with active ingredients. A treatment designed to combat localized cellulite. The combination of caffeine, L-carnitine and phosphatidylcholine gives the effect of dissolving the fat cells and reducing the circumference of the areas undergoing treatment.


Price: 220 pln - single body treatment

Price: 780 pln - package of 4 body treatments

Price: 1450 pln - package of 8 body treatments

Price: 80 pln - brush for dry massage

Duration: 60 minutes