Harmonie Calm – ultra soothing cure with rose and algae extracts

Intensive, soothing ritual. A ritual designed for sensitive and reactive skin. It has a soothing and smoothing effect. It soothes the feeling of tightened skin and reduces erythema. The ingredients contained in the products strengthen the walls of blood vessels and restore the skin’s natural defense mechanisms.

The skin is soothed, redness is reduced. Skin reactivity is reduced and the capillaries are strengthened.

Price: 340 zł (face, neck, decolletage)

Price: 390 zł (face, neck, decolletage, back)

Duration: 90 / 120 minutes

Escape to Madagascar

Sensual dream brings us to a unique island. The ritual is based on energetic massage and celebrates the diversity of Madagascar’s landscape – terrain, climate, wild flora and fauna, and culture of the locals. Reduces tension and stress. The body is full of energy, and the mind is soothed.

Price: 200 zł

Duration: 1 hour

Aroma Blend

Individually tailored to the needs of the client, the massage models the silhouette and influences the emotions with aromatherapy. The ritual was created to combat the most frequently occurring imperfections on our body. A personalized blend of products can add energy, relax and relax or harmonize our mind.

  • Slimming Aroma Blend
    It fights cellulite, accelerates the process of burning fat and toxins removal from the body.
  • Firming Aroma Blend
    It improves skin tension, accelerates the regeneration process, and stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Price: 290 zł

Duration: 1 hour

Aroma – massage (intensive comfort)

Relaxing-regenerating whole body massage combined with aromatherapy. The sensual aromatherapy lotion used during the ritual is created from an exclusive cocktail of natural essential oils, which helps relieve tension and stress and regain full harmony. The nourishing and regenerating mask gently warms the skin during massage, providing an extraordinary sensation. Active ingredients in the products make the skin perfectly hydrated, light and velvety smooth.

Price: 290 zł

Duration: 1 h 30 minutes

Aroma – massage

100% natural treatment. Relaxing body massage combined with aromatherapy. Signs of daily stress in the body disappear.

Price: 200 zł - 1 hour

Price: 250 zł - 1 hour 30 minutes