Manicure and pedicure


Manicure + -
Manicure + smooth/french painting + -
SPA Manicure + -
SPA Manicure + smooth/french painting + -
Honey and milk manicure + -
Honey and milk manicure + smooth painting/french + -
Deluxe Manicure (manicure, peeling, paraffin bath) + -
Deluxe manicure + smooth/french painting + -
Japanese Manicure + -

This treatment involves rubbing a paste with vigorous movements into the natural nail plate and applying a layer of powder on it. The duration of the treatment is about thirty minutes. On average, a touch-up should be performed every two to three weeks.
Japanese manicure is a method that strengthens our natural nails giving them a pink pearl shine. This unique manicure gives the nails a shine and also feeds them with natural ingredients (including vitamins A + E), keratin, bee pollen and silica from the Japanese sea. Japanese manicure is a method recommended for fragile, brittle and splitting nails. Many people have problems with maintaining good condition of their nails - both men and women have problems with it.

Japanese manicure treatment is suitable for both genders, because its effects are not "as" visible to the layman.


Hybrid manicure smooth + -

Hybrid manicure- this offer, addressed to the ladies who do not have time for weekly nail care.

The treatment uses hybrid products - they are applied like nail polish, and hardened like gel, but in contrast to traditional gels do not damage and do not load the nail plate. Hybrid manicure lasts up to 2-3 weeks without the need for additional treatments. Under the influence of the treatment a protective layer is formed on the nail plate. This coating, does not chip as a regular polish. It is extremely durable and resistant to injuries, and the nails gain a natural-looking, well-groomed look.


French / ombre / baby boomer - hybrid manicure + -

Baby boomer is one of the new methods in the world of nails. It is an improved version of the classic French manicure.

Baby boomer with decoration.


Removal of hybrid + -
Nail extensions on a form with a manicure + -
Putting gel on your own nails with a manicure + -
Gel nail replenishment with manicure + -
Removal of gel from nails + -
Nail decoration + -
IBX System + -

IBX SYSTEM is a new, revolutionary nail regenerating product by American brand Famous Names.

This is the first product of its kind in the world. The patented formula was developed to regenerate, strengthen and protect nails from the inside out!
IBX is the first treatment of its kind. It penetrates the nail plate and penetrates into the nail, instead of staying on the surface as with traditional treatments or nail conditioners. IBX strengthens the nails from the inside, making them grow strong and healthy, and the plate gets a beautiful natural color and healthy shine.

IBX System works in two ways:
1. protects nails - acts as a protective shield under any gel / acrylic / hybrid styling
2. REGENERATES, STRENGTHENES AND REBUILDS NAILS - acts as a system that strengthens and rebuilds natural nails (smoothens and seals the plate, repairs mechanical damage, reduces grooves, cracks and white spots)

It is recommended if the nails:

  • are damaged from long-term wearing of gel / acrylic / tips / hybrids styling.
  • are weak, thin and soft as paper.
  • are weak, thin and soft as paper.
  • have white spots.
  • have grooves
  • have any damage or cracks *
  • are still short and you can't grow them because they are brittle and break.


Pedicure + -
Pedicure + smooth/french painting + -
Callus Peel + -

Acid pedicure is an instant way to have beautiful feet without thickened epidermis. This method is becoming more and more popular because it works quickly, is painless and safe. Pedicure performed with Callus Peel not only makes feet more beautiful but also healthier. The treatment itself is not associated with any discomfort, compared to traditional mechanical pedicure it is more comfortable both for the beautician and the clients.

Callus Peel is designed for:

  • women and men
  • people who need quick and reliable results
  • people who suffer from dry and callous skin
  • people with the problem of cracked heels.

Callus Peel advantages:

  • no risk of damaging the deeper layers of the epidermis
  • ideal and thorough exfoliation of the epidermis throughout the foot
  • elimination of corns
  • Elimination of painful corns.
  • elimination of epidermis at the nail plate.


  • First apply patches soaked in the acid mixture to the affected areas and wrap with foil.
  • After 15 minutes, remove the softened dead skin with a plastic scrapper.
  • The remaining epidermis is removed with a Foot File scraper, which has replaceable abrasive pads (thanks to which the procedure is hygienic).
  • Finally, apply a micro-exfoliating and skin smoothing cream.


  • inflammatory, purulent and allergic conditions of the skin.
  • interrupted continuity of the epidermis (fresh wounds, severe abrasions, bleeding)
  • blisters, pustules and erosions of unknown origin.
  • ringworm, yeast infections
  • Skin and nail psoriasis.
  • Other viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.
  • blood clotting problems
  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding.
  • allergy to salicylates.


Pedicure SPA + -
Pedicure SPA + smooth/french painting + -
Honey and milk pedicure + -
Honey-milk pedicure + smooth painting/french + -
Japanese pedicure + -
Hybrid pedicure (smooth painting) + -
Hybrid pedicure (French painting) + -
Hybrid removal + -
Pedicure + gel application + -
Gel fill + -
Removal of gel from nails + -
SPA feet + -
Warm paraffin bath on the feet + -

Hand care

Hand care SPA + -

Thanks to natural aloe vera and fruit extracts (lemon, lime, orange), vitamins C, E and K, and antioxidant properties the treatment intensively moisturizes and nourishes hand skin. The treatment whitens hand skin and prevents skin ageing processes.


Warm paraffin hand bath + -

Hand paraffin bath is a rejuvenating and whitening treatment for the hands. The treatment is designed for dry, rough, cracked hands with loss of elasticity. It whitens and lightens all kinds of spots and pigmentation discolorations.


Hand regenerating glove + -